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We’re AI@UCI.

Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Irvine (AI@UCI) is a nonprofit student-run organization that focuses on promoting and cultivating the discipline of artificial intelligence and machine learning and its applications among the UCI community.

Weekly events

We hold workshops, meetings for the curious ones to learn the latest technology, espcially AI.


From professionals of the academia to almuni from the industry world, we got you guys connected through our unique seminars.

Mentor Instruction

We have talented and like-minded mentors ready to support you throughout your AI journey.

Meeting Time

PSCB 140

6:00 PM

Monday Only

Mentors Needed!

If you are interested in mentoring fellow students on practical applications of Artificial Intelligence,
then please don't hesitate to contact us.


Our Events

Decision Trees in Sci-Kit Learn

Introduction to Deep Learning

Twitter Sentiment Analysis (Naive Bayes Classifier)

Graph Convolutional Networks

Fundamental Machine Learning / Data Science Tools

BlockRunner w/ Unity ML Agents

Tetris AI using Genetic Algorithm

Creating an AI that Plays Chess

AI at UCI: First General Meeting (Fall 2020)

Python: VirtualEnv and Jupyter Interactive Notebooks

Intro to Machine Learning

Workshop 4 (Exploratory Data Analysis)

Workshop 3 (Time Series Analysis)

Workshop 2 (Knowledge Graph Embeddings)

Workshop 1 (Super-Resolution Using a GAN)

Neural Networks from Scratch (using NumPy)

NLP - Machine Translation (Seq2Seq)

Object Detection with YOLOv3

Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI Gym

AlphaZero by DeepMind (Chess, Go, Shogi)

Introduction to ML (Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Pandas)

Hack the Hackathon (IBM, Postman,

Flappy Bird AI (TensorFlow, Keras, Genetic Algorithm)

Introduction - Artificial Intelligence at UCI

Hack the Hackathon by Jason Kahn & Ryan Padilla

Introduction to Computer Vision and OpenCV

Machine Learning 3 by Satyam Tandon

Machine learning Q&A with Professionals

Machine learning 1 by Satyam Tandon

Data Analytics - Patterns of Pallet Town

Intro to Data Science and Machine learning

Chess AI workshop by Brett Galkowski

How to build a Pong AI

DeepCloud AI explained by Max Rye (CEO)

Panel of A.I. experts

A.I. 101: How to get started

Flappy bird AI Workshop

AI@UCI Club Introduction by Amy Elsayed

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to TensorFlow by Monish Ramadoss

Intro to Neural Nets by Ananthakrishnan Pushpendran

Uncertainty in AI: Email Spam Classification

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Eisah Jones

Alexander Ihler

Professor Ihler is the advisor of AI@UCI.
Here are some areas that he has been working on.

"I work in artificial intelligence and machine learning, focusing on statistical methods for learning from data and on approximate inference techniques for graphical models. Applications of my work include data mining and information fusion in sensor networks, computer vision and image processing, and computational biology."

Stephan Mandt

Professor Mandt is the advisor of AI@UCI.
Here are some areas that he has been working on.

"My primary goal is to develop a new generation of machine learning models by drawing on deep learning, probabilistic graphical models, and approximate Bayesian inference. My research, thus, tries to synthesize representation learning and probabilistic modeling. This results in new flexible and oftentimes interpretable models for unsupervised or semi-supervised learning on large data."

Our Team

Migo Liu

Migo Liu


Sara-Grace Lien

Vice President

Nitish Nagesh

Lead Mentor

Randy Huynh

Webmaster/Senior Mentor

Kevin Wu

Logistics Chair/Junior Mentor

Eric Pedley

Senior Mentor

Rithwik Kerur


Vatsal Ananthula

Junior Mentor

Stephen Kakuda

Communication Chair

Jacob Lai

Logistics Chair/Junior Mentor

Junyang (Max) Zhang

Marketing Chair

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PSCB 140
Monday ONLY
6:00 PM
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